Warehouse 13 (Magazyn 13): sezon 4

Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
3901A New Hope23.07.2012
4002An Evil Within30.07.2012
4103Personal Effects6.08.2012
4204There's Always a Downside13.08.2012
4305No Pain, No Gain20.08.2012
4507Endless Wonder10.09.2012
4608Second Chance17.09.2012
4709The Ones You Love24.09.2012
4810We All Fall Down1.10.2012
4911The Living and the Dead29.04.2013
5012Parks and Rehabilitation6.05.22013
5113The Big Snag13.05.2013
5214The Sky's the Limit20.05.2013
5517What Matters Most17.06.2013
5618Lost & Found24.06.2013
5719All the Time in the World1.07.2013
5820The Truth Hurts8.07.2013

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