NCIS: New Orleans (Agenci NCIS: Nowy Orlean): sezon 4

Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
7201Rogue Nation26.09.2017
7302#1 Fan3.10.2017
7403The Asset10.10.2017
7504Dead Man Calling17.10.2017
7706Acceptable Loss31.10.2017
7807The Accident7.11.2017
7908Sins of the Father14.11.2017
8009Hard Knock Life21.11.2017
8110Mirror, Mirror12.12.2017
8312Identity Crisis9.01.2018
8413Ties That Bind23.01.2018
8514A New Dawn6.02.2018
8615The Last Mile27.02.2018
8817Treasure Hunt13.03.2018
8918Welcome to the Jungle27.03.2018
9019High Stakes3.04.2018
9120Powder Keg17.04.2018
9221Mind Games1.05.2018
9322The Assassination of Dwayne Pride8.05.2018
9423Checkmate, Part I15.05.2018
9524Checkmate, Part II15.05.2018

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