NCIS: New Orleans (Agenci NCIS: Nowy Orlean): sezon 2

Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
2401Sic Semper Tyrannis22.09.2015
2502Shadow Unit29.09.2015
2603Touched by the Sun6.10.2015
2704I Do13.10.2015
2805Foreign Affairs20.10.2015
2906Insane in the Membrane27.10.2015
3007Broken Hearted3.11.2015
3209Darkest Hour17.11.2015
3310Billy and the Kid24.11.2015
3411Blue Christmas15.12.2015
3512Sister City, Part II5.01.2016
3714Father's Day9.02.2016
3815No Man's Land16.02.2016
3916Second Chances23.02.2016
4017Radio Silence1.03.2016
4118If It Bleeds, It Leads15.03.2016
4219Means to an End22.03.2016
4320Second Line5.04.2016
4421Collateral Damage19.04.2016
4522Help Wanted3.05.2016
4623The Third Man10.05.2016
4724Sleeping with the Enemy17.05.2016

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