Madam Secretary: sezon 2

Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
2301The Show Must Go On4.10.2015
2402The Doability Doctrine11.10.2015
2503The Rusalka18.10.2015
2604Waiting for Taleju25.10.2015
2705The Long Shot1.11.2015
2806Catch and Release8.11.2015
2907You Say You Want a Revolution15.11.2015
3008Lights Out22.11.2015
3109Russian Roulette29.11.2015
3210The Greater Good13.12.2015
3311Unity Node10.01.2016
3412The Middle Way17.01.2016
3513Invasive Species31.01.2016
3614Left of the Boom14.02.2016
3715Right of the Boom21.02.2016
3917Higher Learning20.03.2016
4018On the Clock27.03.2016
4119Desperate Remedies10.04.2016
4220Ghost Detainee17.04.2016
4321Connection Lost24.04.2016
4422Render Safe1.05.2016

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