Elementary: sezon 4

Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
7301The Past Is Parent5.11.2015
7402Evidence of Things Not Seen12.11.2015
7503Tag, You're Me19.11.2015
7604All My Exes Live in Essex26.11.2015
7705The Games Underfoot10.12.2015
7806The Cost of Doing Business17.12.2015
7907Miss Taken7.01.2016
8008A Burden of Blood14.01.2016
8109Murder Ex Machina21.01.2016
8210Alma Matters28.01.2016
8311Down Where the Dead Delight4.02.2016
8412A View with a Room11.02.2016
8513A Study in Charlotte18.02.2016
8614Who Is That Masked Man?25.02.2016
8715Up to Heaven and Down to Hell3.03.2016
8917You've Got Me, Who's Got You?20.03.2016
9018Ready or Not27.03.2016
9119All In10.04.2016
9220Art Imitates Art10.04.2016
9321Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing17.04.2016
9422Turn It Upside Down24.04.2016
9523The Invisible Hand1.05.2016
9624A Difference in Kind8.05.2016

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