Elementary: sezon 3

Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
4901Enough Nemesis to Go Around30.10.2014
5002The Five Orange Pipz6.11.2014
5103Just a Regular Irregular13.11.2014
5305Rip Off27.11.2014
5406Terra Pericolosa4.12.2014
5507The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction11.12.2014
5608End of Watch18.12.2014
5709The Eternity Injection8.01.2015
5810Seed Money15.01.2015
5911The Illustrious Client22.01.2015
6012The One That Got Away29.01.2015
6214The Female of the Species12.02.2015
6315When Your Number's Up19.02.2015
6416For All You Know5.03.2015
6517T-Bone and the Iceman12.03.2015
6618The View From Olympus2.04.2015
6719One Watson, One Holmes9.04.2015
6820A Stitch in Time16.04.2015
6921Under My Skin23.04.2015
7022The Best Way Out Is Always Through30.04.2015
7224A Controlled Descent14.05.2015

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