Elementary: sezon 2

Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
2501Step Nine26.09.2013
2602Solve for X3.10.2013
2703We Are Everyone10.10.2013
2804Poison Pen17.10.2013
2905Ancient History24.10.2013
3006An Unnatural Arrangement31.10.2013
3107The Marchioness7.11.2013
3208Blood Is Thicker14.11.2013
3309On the Line21.11.2013
3511Internal Audit12.12.2013
3612The Diabolical Kind2.01.2014
3713All in the Family9.01.2014
3814Dead Clade Walking30.01.2014
3915Corpse de Ballet6.02.2014
4016The One Percent Solution27.02.2014
4117Ears to You6.03.2014
4218The Hound of the Cancer Cells13.03.2014
4319The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville3.04.2014
4420No Lack of Void10.04.2014
4521The Man with the Twisted Lip24.04.2014
4622Paint It Black1.05.2014
4723Art in the Blood8.05.2014
4824The Grand Experiment15.05.2014

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