Chicago P.D.: sezon 4

Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
6201The Silos21.09.2016
6302Made a Wrong Turn28.09.2016
6403All Cylinders Firing5.10.2016
6504Big Friends, Big Enemies12.10.2016
6605A War Zone26.10.2016
6706Some Friend9.11.2016
6807300,000 Likes16.11.2016
6908A Shot Heard Around the World16.11.2016
7009Don't Bury This Case3.01.2017
7110Don't Read the News4.01.2017
7211You Wish11.01.2017
7413I Remember Her Now8.02.2017
7514Seven Indictments15.02.2017
7615Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will22.02.2017
7716Emotional Proximity1.03.2017
7817Remember the Devil22.03.2017
7918Little Bit of Light29.03.2017
8019Last Minute Resistance5.04.2017
8120Grasping for Salvation26.04.2017
8322Army of One10.05.2017
8423Fork in the Road17.05.2017

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