Chicago P.D.: sezon 2

Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
1601Call It Macaroni24.09.2014
1702Get My Cigarettes1.10.2014
1803The Weigh Station8.10.2014
1904Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw15.10.2014
2005An Honest Woman22.10.2014
2106Prison Ball5.11.2014
2207They'll Have to Go Through Me12.11.2014
2308Assignment of the Year19.11.2014
2409Called in Dead10.12.2014
2510Shouldn't Have Been Alone7.01.2015
2611We Don't Work Together Anymore14.01.2015
2712Disco Bob21.01.2015
2813A Little Devil Complex4.02.2015
2914Erin's Mom11.02.2015
3015What Do You Do18.02.2015
3116What Puts You On That Ledge25.02.2015
3217Say Her Real Name25.03.2015
3318Get Back to Even1.04.2015
3419The Three Gs8.04.2015
3520The Number of Rats29.04.2015
3621There's My Girl6.05.2015
3722Push The Pain Away13.05.2015
3823Born Into Bad News20.05.2015

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