Chicago Fire: sezon 6

Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
11501It Wasn't Enough28.09.2017
11602Ignite on Contact5.10.2017
11703An Even Bigger Surprise12.10.2017
11804A Breaking Point19.10.2017
11905Devil's Bargain26.10.2017
12006Down is Better2.11.2017
12107A Man's Legacy4.01.2018
12208The Whole Point of Being Roommates11.01.2018
12309Foul is Fair18.01.2018
12511Law of the Jungle1.02.2018
12612The F is For1.03.2018
12713Hiding Not Seeking8.03.2018
12814Looking for a Lifeline22.03.2018
12915The Chance to Forgive22.03.2018
13016The One that Matters the Most29.03.2018
13117Put White on Me5.04.2018
13218When They See Us Coming12.04.2018
13319Where I Want to Be19.04.2018
13420The Strongest Among Us26.04.2018
13521The Unrivaled Standard3.05.2018
13622One for the Ages10.05.2018
13723The Grand Gesture10.05.2018

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