Chicago Fire: sezon 5

Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
9301The Hose or the Animal11.10.2016
9402A Real Wake-Up Call18.10.2016
9503Scorched Earth25.10.2016
9604Nobody Else is Dying Today1.11.2016
9705I Held Her Hand15.11.2016
9806That Day22.11.2016
9907Lift Each Other29.11.2016
10008One Hundred6.12.2016
10109Some Make It, Some Don't3.01.2017
10210The People We Meet17.01.2017
10311Who Lives and Who Dies24.01.2017
10412An Agent of the Machine7.02.2017
10513Trading in Scuttlebutt14.02.2017
10816Telling Her Goodbye21.03.2017
10917Babies and Fools28.03.2017
11018Take a Knee4.04.2017
11119Carry Their Legacy25.04.2017
11220Carry Me2.05.2017
11321Sixty Days9.05.2017
11422My Miracle16.05.2017

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