Chicago Fire: sezon 4

Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
7001Let It Burn13.10.2015
7102A Taste of Panama City20.10.2015
7203I Walk Away27.10.2015
7304Your Day Is Coming3.11.2015
7405Regarding This Wedding10.11.2015
7607Sharp Elbows24.11.2015
7708When Tortoises Fly1.12.2015
7809Short and Fat8.12.2015
7910The Beating Heart5.01.2016
8011The Path of Destruction19.01.2016
8112Not Everyone Makes It26.01.2016
8213The Sky Is Falling2.02.2016
8314All Hard Parts9.02.2016
8415Bad For the Soul16.02.2016
8516Two Ts23.02.2016
8617What Happened to Courtney29.03.2016
8718On the Warpath5.04.2016
8819I Will Be Walking19.04.2016
8920The Last One for Mom26.04.2016
9021Kind of a Crazy Idea3.05.2016
9122Where the Collapse Started10.05.2016

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