Chicago Fire: sezon 2

Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
2501A Problem House24.09.2013
2602Prove It1.10.2013
2703Defcon 18.10.2013
2804A Nuisance Call15.10.2013
2905A Power Move22.10.2013
3107No Regrets19.11.2013
3208Rhymes With Shout26.11.2013
3309You Will Hurt Him3.12.2013
3410Not Like This10.12.2013
3511Shoved In My Face7.01.2014
3612Out With a Bang14.01.2014
3713Tonight's the Night21.01.2014
3814Virgin Skin25.02.2014
3915Keep Your Mouth Shut4.03.2014
4016A Rocket Blasting Off11.03.2014
4117When Things Got Rough18.03.2014
4218Until Your Feet Leave the Ground8.04.2014
4319A Heavy Weight15.04.2014
4420A Dark Day29.04.2014
4521One More Shot6.05.2014
4622Real Never Waits13.05.2014

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