Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
6901Beauty and the Beast25.09.2007
7002The Innocent Man2.10.2007
7103The Chicken and the Leg9.10.2007
7204Do Tell16.10.2007
7305Hope and Gory30.10.2007
7406The Object of My Affection6.11.2007
7507Attack of the Xenophobes13.11.2007
7608Oral Contracts4.12.2007
7709No Brains Left Behind11.12.2007
7810Green Christmas18.12.2007
7911Mad About You15.01.2008
8012Roe vs Wade, The Musical22.01.2008
8113Glow In The Dark12.02.2008
8214Rescue Me19.02.2008
8315Tabloid Nation8.04.2008
8416The Mighty Rogues15.04.2008
8517The Court Supreme22.04.2008
8618Indecent Proposals30.04.2008
8719The Gods Must Be Crazy14.05.2008
8820Patriot Acts21.05.2008

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