Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
4501Can't We All Get a Lung?19.09.2006
4602New Kids on the Block26.09.2006
4703Desperately Seeking Shirley3.10.2006
4804Fine Young Cannibal10.10.2006
4905Whose God Is It Anyway?17.10.2006
5006The Verdict24.10.2006
5107Trick or Treat31.10.2006
5309On the Ledge28.11.2006
5410The Nutcrackers5.12.2006
5511Angel of Death9.01.2007
5713Dumping Bella30.01.2007
5814Selling Sickness6.02.2007
5915Fat Burner13.02.2007
6016The Good Lawyer20.02.2007
6117The Bride Wore Blood20.03.2007
6218Son of the Defender3.04.2007
6319Brotherly Love10.04.2007
6420Guise 'n Dolls24.04.2007
6521Tea and Sympathy1.05.2007
6622Guantanamo by the Bay8.05.2007
6723Duck and Cover15.05.2007
6824Trial of the Century29.05.2007

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