Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
101Head Cases3.10.2004
202Still Crazy After All These Years10.10.2004
303Catch and Release17.10.2004
404Change of Course24.10.2004
505An Eye for an Eye31.10.2004
606Truth Be Told7.11.2004
707Questionable Characters21.11.2004
808Loose Lips28.11.2004
909A Greater Good12.12.2004
1010Hired Guns19.12.2004
1111Schmidt Happens9.01.2005
1212From Whence We Came16.01.2005
1313It Girls and Beyond23.01.2005
1414'Til We Meat Again12.02.2005
1515Tortured Souls20.02.2005
1616Let Sales Ring13.03.2005
1717Death Be Not Proud20.03.2005

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