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Lp Ep Tytuł Premiera
101Woe Has Joined21.09.2015
202A Stray Howl28.09.2015
303Eight Slim Grins5.10.2015
404Bone May Rot12.10.2015
505Split the Law19.10.2015
606Cede Your Soul26.10.2015
707Sent on Tour2.11.2015
808Persecute Envoys9.11.2015
909Authentic Flirt16.11.2015
1010Evil Handmade Instrument23.11.2015
1111Cease Forcing Enemy29.02.2016
1212Scientists Hollow Fortune7.03.2016
1313Erase Weary Youth14.03.2016
1414Rules in Defiance21.03.2016
1515Older Cutthroat Canyon28.03.2016
1616Any Wounded Thief4.04.2016
1717Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts11.04.2016
1818One Begets Technique18.04.2016
1919In the Comet of Us25.04.2016
2020Swift Hardhearted Stone2.05.2016
2121Of Whose Uneasy Route9.05.2016
2222If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render16.05.2016
2323Why Await Life's End23.05.2016

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